La Cueva Dance Team

La Cueva High School, Albuquerque, NM

Introducing your 2019-20 La Cueva Dance Team!










Head Coach - Yvonne Schafer

Yvonne Schafer has been coaching dance, drill and cheer programs at the high school level for 18 years.  She is a graduate of Sandia High School where she participated in JV Cheer and was a member of the 1992 State Championship Las Toreras Drill Team.  Coach Schafer believes in encouraging team members to give their absolute best at all times and focusing on TEAMWORK.

Coach Schafer is excited to be rebuilding the La Cueva Dance Team program and is so proud of the way her teams have progressed.  Year after year, the members of the La Cueva Dance Team continue to represent their team, their school and their community in a positive light.  GO BEARS!

Coaching Philosophy

I believe anyone can be successful in any aspect of their lives if they are willing to put forth the effort and energy.

I believe dance can be difficult and frustrating at times - but I also believe it's facing those challenges with a growth mindset that helps us learn to overcome adversity and gain success.

I believe in teaching young adults the big picture - being on a team is not just about wins and losses - it's about learning from our mistakes through commitment, teamwork and hard work, while building relationships that can last a lifetime.

I believe I am a demanding coach, which can be difficult for many young people to understand, but I will never be intentionally demeaning to anyone.  I will demand the team's best effort at all times, and I will praise when it is earned and will have the tough talks privately when needed. 

I believe in challenging dancers and pushing them beyond what is comfortable for them so that they can get better.  I believe if we keep doing the same thing we've always done, we will get the same results we've always gotten.  That can be either a positive or negative statement.  I choose for it to be positive and say if we put forth our best effort at all times, we will achieve consistency and success will follow.

I believe it is time for a positive change among teammates, coaches and parents within our program, as well as with students, teachers, administrators and the La Cueva High School Community.

I believe in the coaches and members of the La Cueva Dance Team.  I believe each year presents a unique opportunity to make great things happen!